my life dissected

a short report about noengine 20121209


The full report, written by me, can be found here.

But it’s in italian, maybe I will traslate it, anyway me and Giorgibboy went in Bologna, helding high the name of “lastazionedellebiciclette” in a funny ciclosuk inside an old factory near the motorcycle fair!

Was weary but we returned happy and conscious of having done a good job!

ah photo made by me! 😉



everyday I remain astonished by winter sunrise! today I took the train and when I arrived at the station a golden light raised from the horizon, in a mixture of fog and coldness.

every single detail, enlighted by It, change completely, it’s color, the mood that spread in you.

and, of course, silence, and the expression of people just awake, that tries to fight against coldness with endless skins of clothes.


feeling nice and comfortable


having dinner with friends, speaking about future, chatting and joke all night long without really having something important to do, I find all of these things overexcitings and really relaxing, cause it’s this the right way to carry forward a relation between people and create a nice envelope in wich expose ideas comparisons and build something toghether!

ah and started snowing, as expected, and i had to return home by bike.. funny, but next time with bike glasses!!!

A bicycle mechanic in the backyard


is ALWAYS stylish, even if he just has gone inside a container searchin for some bike pulleys and coming out without anything.. 😉
of course cinelli didn’t sponsored me for anything, although I would love to see this image in their next catalogue!